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Biden Administration Seeks to Implement Immigration Reforms

 Posted on January 16, 2023 in Immigration

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Over the past several years, the United States has faced an immigration crisis. Thousands of migrants have attempted to enter the country on a daily basis, and millions of people have been deported or expelled. In many cases, these migrants have fled dangerous situations in their home countries, and they have sought asylum in the U.S. Unfortunately, due to the high number of both illegal border crossings and legal attempts to enter the United States, the immigration system has struggled to keep up, and many people have been forced to live in dangerous and unstable conditions. To address these issues and to attempt to help migrants enter and live in the U.S. legally, the administration of President Joe Biden is seeking to implement a number of reforms.

Increased Expulsions of Illegal Immigrants

Since 2020, immigration officials have relied on a rule known as Title 42 to quickly expel many immigrants from the United States. This rule was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was meant to help protect the health and safety of people in the United States. By allowing for the speedy expulsion of those who had entered the U.S. without authorization, Title 42 was intended to help limit the spread of infections. As the need for these protections has decreased, the Biden administration has sought to lift Title 42, but it has faced opposition in the courts, and the rule has remained in effect.

It is likely that Title 42 will be lifted in the near future, and the Biden administration has taken steps to prepare for this by increasing the use of "expedited removal." People who enter the United States without authorization, remain in the country without a legal basis to do so, and are not eligible for expulsion under Title 42 will be subject to expedited deportation proceedings, and they will also be banned from re-entry for five years. This is meant to encourage immigrants to use the proper legal channels to receive authorization to enter and live in the U.S.

New Parole Options for Certain Immigrants

In 2022, the Biden administration sought to address the increased numbers of migrants from Venezuela who were seeking to enter the United States by allowing those who entered the country legally to receive parole while expelling those who entered the country illegally back to Mexico. This significantly reduced the rate of illegal border crossings by Venezuelans.

The administration is looking to expand the parole program to people from other countries as well. The U.S. will now accept 30,000 people per month from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua, as long as they receive sponsorship from someone currently living in the United States and pass a background check and national security screening. These immigrants will be allowed to live in the U.S. for two years, and they will also receive work authorization. Migrants from these countries who cross the border illegally will not be eligible for parole, and they may be expelled to Mexico, which has agreed to accept 30,000 expulsions per month.

Other solutions will also be implemented to facilitate safe and orderly border crossings. Immigrants can now schedule appointments through a mobile app to present themselves at a port of entry and seek protections such as asylum. Initially, this app may be used by those who are asking for an exception to Title 42, but in the future, it may be used by other types of immigrants. This method is meant to reduce wait times at the border and ensure that immigrants can be processed in a more orderly and humane fashion.

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Immigration laws and policies are constantly changing, and this can often lead to confusion for people who are seeking to come to the United States, family members who plan to sponsor their loved ones for immigration, and those who may be facing deportation. At John W. Lawit, LLC, our Farmers Branch immigration attorneys can provide you with the information and guidance you need to ensure that your immigration case is handled properly. Contact us today at 214-609-2242 to arrange a consultation.


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