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People who are involved in immigration cases can easily become confused about the laws that affect them and the requirements they need to meet. Understanding the types of forms that must be filed, the deadlines and fees that may apply, and the documents that will need to be provided can be difficult. Immigrants and their loved ones may also be unsure about how to respond to requests from customs or immigration officials, and they may worry that if they say or do the wrong thing, this could affect their ability to enter the U.S., stay in the country, or receive authorization to obtain employment. At John W. Lawit, LLC, we work to help clients in Euless resolve these concerns and avoid potential pitfalls. Whether you are looking to make sure your family can live together in the same country, pursue employment or education opportunities as an immigrant, or determine how you can protect against being forced to return to your home country, we can answer your questions, work with you to file forms and paperwork, and provide you with representation in immigration court.

Legal Help With Immigration Cases in Euless, Texas

A legal representative who is experienced in matters related to immigration law can provide invaluable guidance, ensuring that all aspects of your case will be handled correctly. Our firm can assist with:

  • Immigration issues affecting family members - We help citizens and permanent residents determine their options for sponsoring loved ones for immigrant visas, including those for immediate relatives of citizens, fiancé(e)s, and others. We work to ensure that the proper visa applications and all required supporting documentation are filed correctly, while making sure sponsors understand their commitments for providing financial support for their family members.
  • Visa applications for employees - Depending on their qualifications, experience, level of skill, and other factors, foreign workers may be able to receive immigrant or non-immigrant visas if they are sponsored by an employer. We help employers and employees understand the types of visas that are available, the requirements they will need to meet, and the forms and documents that they will need to submit.
  • Immigration for foreign investors - We work with entrepreneurs to make sure they understand their requirements for creating startup companies or investing in existing businesses that will qualify them for either immigrant or non-immigrant visas.
  • Visa applications for non-immigrants - Temporary visas may be needed depending on a person's reasons for coming to the U.S. and the amount of time they wish to stay. We assist with applications for student visas, tourist visas, and other visas that allow for short-term stays in the country.
  • Green card applications - We work with those who qualify for immigrant visas to ensure that they will be able to receive lawful permanent resident (LPR) status, including assisting with applications for adjustment of status.
  • Applying for waivers of inadmissibility - People who apply for visas or green cards or need to address other immigration issues may be inadmissible for a variety of reasons. However, they may apply for waivers that will allow them to overcome these issues based on hardship for family members in the U.S. We help immigrants determine whether they can qualify for different types of waivers, including those that address criminal convictions, allegations of immigration fraud, or provisional waivers for cases involving unlawful presence.
  • Naturalization - There are a number of benefits that come with U.S. citizenship, including the right to vote and hold public office and the ability to help other family members immigrate to the country. We assist with the naturalization process, ensuring that people meet all eligibility requirements and can complete the required English and civics tests.
  • Defense against deportation/removal - Being forced to leave the country may cause problems for immigrants and their loved ones. We provide legal representation to those who have been placed in detention, including helping request immigration bond hearings. We also help determine the best strategies to prevent deportation, including requesting humanitarian relief such as asylum, temporary protected status, or protections for crime victims through U visas or domestic abuse victims through VAWA petitions.
  • Immigration appeals - Decisions made by judges in immigration court or other decisions made in response to applications for visas, green cards, or immigration relief may be appealed. With our experience addressing these matters, we can help file appeals and argue on behalf of clients when working with immigration officials or pursuing litigation in federal courts.

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Whether you need to determine your options during the immigration process or respond to decisions made or actions taken by immigration officials, our attorneys can assist you. Get the legal help you need by contacting us at 214-609-2242.

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