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In the United States, employment-based immigration allows foreign nationals to work and live in the country based on their skills, qualifications, and job offers from U.S. employers. This type of immigration is a key driver of economic growth and innovation, attracting talented individuals from around the world to contribute to various industries.

Different Categories of Employment-Based Immigration

EB immigrant visas will allow employees to move to the United States and become lawful permanent residents (Green Card holders). These visas are issued according to the following levels of priority:

  • EB-1: This category is reserved for priority workers who demonstrate extraordinary ability in athletics, science, business, the arts, or education. College professors, outstanding researchers, and executives or managers working for multinational companies may also qualify for these visas.
  • EB-2: Professionals with advanced degrees or extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, or business may qualify under this category. In addition, qualified physicians serving underserved areas may also apply.
  • EB-3: Skilled workers with at least two years of experience, professionals with a baccalaureate degree, and other workers performing unskilled labor fall under this category. Labor certifications are usually required for applicants.
  • EB-4: This category covers special immigrants such as religious ministers, workers, certain types of physicians, military personnel serving overseas interests, and interpreters and translators working with the U.S. government in certain countries.
  • EB-5: This sub-classification includes investors who are willing to invest in U.S. companies that will lead to the creation of jobs and further strengthening of the economy.

Certain types of nonimmigrant visas may also be available, and people who receive these visas will be granted authorization to enter and remain in the U.S. on a temporary basis. H-1B visas are among the most sought-after types of nonimmigrant employment visas, and they may be available to workers who have extraordinary skills and high levels of experience in specialized fields.

Why You Need an Employment-Based Immigration Attorney

Understanding the complexities of employment-based immigration can be overwhelming, especially with frequent policy changes and strict requirements that apply for those who are seeking visas. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side will ensure that your best interests are represented throughout the process. At John W. Lawit, LLC, we can provide:

  • In-depth knowledge: Our attorneys have experience in employment-based immigration and extensive knowledge of all available visa categories, the applicable eligibility criteria, and the appropriate filing procedures. We stay abreast of changing laws to provide accurate guidance tailored to each client's unique circumstances.
  • Strategy development: Every case is different, and each person requires a customized approach based on their individual qualifications and goals. Our experienced attorneys will thoroughly analyze your situation to develop an effective strategy that maximizes your chances of successfully receiving an employment visa.
  • Documentation preparation: Employment-based immigration petitions require the meticulous collection and preparation of supporting documents, which may include educational credentials, work experience records, letters of recommendation from employers or industry experts, job offers or contracts, financial documents, and more. Our skilled attorneys ensure that all necessary materials are gathered accurately and efficiently.
  • Legal advocacy: We provide professional representation before various government agencies involved in approving employment-based visas, helping clients navigate complex legal processes while advocating for their best interests.
  • Compliance with government regulations: Each employment-based visa category has specific rules and regulations that must be carefully followed throughout the application process. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in delays or even denial of your immigration petition. Our attorneys ensure that all necessary forms are completed correctly, that deadlines are met, and that petitions comply with government regulations.

Contact Our Dallas Employment-Based Immigration Attorneys Today

At John W. Lawit, LLC, we pride ourselves on our experience in employment-based immigration law and our commitment to serving our clients' best interests. Our skilled attorneys understand the complexities of this field, and we have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through every step of the process.

We provide personalized attention to each client, taking into account their unique qualifications, goals, and circumstances. Whether you are seeking an EB-1 visa as a distinguished professor or researcher, an EB-5 investor visa, or another type of temporary or permanent visa, we will develop a strategy specifically tailored to your needs.

Contact us at 214-609-2242 to schedule your consultation. Our team of experienced attorneys is ready to help you navigate the complexities of employment-based immigration and represent your best interests.

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