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Humanitarian assistance is a critical aspect of immigration, because it addresses the needs of people who are fleeing persecution, violence, or other forms of harm. In the United States, various programs and forms of relief have been established to provide temporary or permanent protection to people and families who are in need. At John W. Lawit, LLC, we help our clients determine whether they may be eligible for different forms of humanitarian relief, and we work with them to make sure they can receive the proper legal protections while meeting their ongoing needs.

Humanitarian Relief Programs

Immigrants may have a number of options for receiving protection against deportation or ensuring they can enter and remain in the United States:

  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS): This status may be available to people from designated countries that are experiencing ongoing armed conflicts, environmental disasters, or other extraordinary conditions. If immigrants experience issues that prevent them from returning safely to their home countries, they may be given authorization to temporarily reside and work in the United States. TPS provides beneficiaries with protection from deportation and allows them to maintain employment during the period that their country has been designated with this status.
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): This program was established as an executive action in 2012. It grants temporary protected status to certain undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children before June 15, 2007. DACA recipients receive deferred action on their deportation proceedings and eligibility for work authorization. While the DACA program was put on hold in 2021, preventing new applicants from receiving deferred action, those who had previously been granted DACA status are still able to apply for renewals.
  • U Visas: This form of relief provides legal status to victims of serious crimes who have suffered mental or physical abuse while in the U.S. To receive these visas, crime victims must have information related to a qualifying criminal offense, and they must be willing to work with law enforcement to assist in the investigation and prosecution of offenders. U Visa holders can obtain employment authorization, and they may eventually qualify for adjustment of status after meeting certain requirements.
  • T Visas: These visas provide legal immigration status options for human trafficking victims who are willing to cooperate with law enforcement officials. Victims can receive protection from deportation, employment authorization, and certain types of government benefits. They may also be able to qualify for an adjustment of status
  • Asylum: Immigrants who fear that they will suffer persecution or harm in their home countries based on factors such as religion, political opinions, race, or nationality may qualify for this form of relief. A person must apply for asylum upon entering the United States or within one year of arrival. If granted asylum status, individuals may remain in the U.S. legally, and they may eventually be able to adjust their status and become lawful permanent residents.

Experienced Dallas Immigration Lawyers for Humanitarian Relief

The law firm of John W. Lawit, LLC is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal assistance with a wide variety of immigration needs. With extensive experience and knowledge in immigration law, our attorneys can provide guidance on the various forms of humanitarian relief that may be available to immigrants. We can analyze eligibility for TPS, U visas, asylum, and other forms of relief, and we can assist with filing applications and providing the required documents to immigration officials.

Our team will conduct detailed interviews with clients to gather the necessary evidence to support their claims. This evidence may include affidavits from immigrants and their family members, as well as witnesses who are willing to testify about the issues immigrants have experienced and the need for relief to ensure that they and their family members are protected from harm.

Contact Our Dallas Humanitarian Relief Attorneys Today

The knowledgeable attorneys at John W. Lawit, LLC understand that every immigrant's situation is a unique matter, and addressing the specific issues they face requires empathy and trust. We provide our clients with dedicated assistance throughout every stage of the immigration process, offering recommendations on the best ways to resolve any concerns that may arise. We advocate on behalf of immigrants who need humanitarian relief, and we help them take steps to protect themselves and their families as they resettle in a new country. To set up a consultation and learn more about how we can assist with these issues, call us at 214-609-2242 or contact us online.

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