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Immigration law addresses the rules and regulations that govern the movement, residence, and legal status of people who are seeking to enter or remain in the United States. It is a complex area of law that involves a wide variety of concerns that affect immigrants. The immigration process involves numerous legal requirements and complex procedures. At John W. Lawit, LLC, we have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of immigration law. Our dedicated team is committed to helping our clients navigate these complicated matters efficiently and effectively.

Family-Based Immigration

Family-based immigration allows U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents (Green Card holders) to sponsor certain family members who are seeking to come to the United States. Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, such as spouses, parents, and unmarried children under the age of 21, will usually be able to obtain immigrant visas relatively quickly. Other qualifying relatives may fall under other preference categories for family-based visas based on their relationship to the family member who is providing sponsorship.

If you are looking to bring a family member to the United States legally, our experienced attorneys can guide you through the sponsorship process, making sure you meet all necessary legal requirements. We can assist with visa applications and make sure all required documentation is provided, and we can address any concerns that may arise during the immigration process.

Employment-Based Immigration

Employment-based immigration allows foreign nationals with specific skills or qualifications to come to the United States after receiving job offers and sponsorship from employers. There are several preference categories for employment-based visas, and these are based on a person's professional background and their potential contributions to the U.S. economy.

The knowledgeable attorneys at John W. Lawit, LLC can assist employers who are seeking qualified foreign workers and employees who are looking to resettle in the United States. We can help employers and employees navigate the complicated steps required to obtain employment-based visas, receive PERM labor certifications, or address other related concerns.

Investor Visas

The investor visa program offers foreign entrepreneurs the opportunity to obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States. Investors must meet certain criteria regarding the amount that will be invested in a U.S.-based business, the number of jobs that will be created for workers in the United States, the type of business, and the location of a business within designated regional centers.

At John W. Lawit, LLC, we understand the complexities involved in applying for investor visas. Our experienced lawyers can assist investors in building and presenting a strong case for approval for permanent residence.

Asylum and Refugee Status

People who have fled their home countries for fear of persecution based on protected factors such as race, religion, or political opinions may apply for asylum after entering the United States, or they seek to obtain refugee status, which will allow them to resettle in a safe community. Obtaining protection through these channels will often involve complex legal procedures, and it will be necessary to provide substantial evidence that a person has a well-founded fear of persecution.

If you are seeking asylum or refugee status in the United States, our compassionate attorneys can guide you through the process, ensuring that your rights are protected every step of the way. We can also assist with other forms of humanitarian relief.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Citizenship is an important milestone for immigrants who wish to participate fully in American society. The naturalization process allows certain immigrants to become U.S. citizens after they meet residency requirements, demonstrate English language proficiency, show that they have good moral character, and complete a naturalization interview and examination.

If you are ready to take the final steps toward becoming a U.S. citizen, or if you have questions about your eligibility for naturalization, our experienced attorneys can help you navigate this important life event.

Customized Immigration Solutions in Denton County, Texas

Legal issues related to immigration can be overwhelming. Having experienced legal counsel on your side can greatly simplify matters and ensure that you will be able to complete the immigration process successfully. At John W. Lawit, LLC, we offer comprehensive immigration services tailored to each client's unique needs. We can provide:

  • Advice: We offer personalized guidance to help clients make informed decisions regarding their immigration options.
  • Filing assistance: Our dedicated team assists with the accurate and timely completion of all necessary forms and documentation required for visa applications and other immigration procedures.
  • Representation: We advocate on behalf of our clients in immigration court proceedings and in interviews with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers.
  • Appeals: In the event of an adverse decision, we can represent clients in administrative appeals or petitions for judicial review before the appropriate agencies or courts.

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If you are facing immigration challenges, or if you need assistance with specific immigration needs, you do not have to navigate these complex processes alone. At John W. Lawit, LLC, we have a deep understanding of United States immigration laws, regulations, and procedures. Contact us today at 214-609-2242 to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

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