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There are many situations where people come to the United States to ensure that they and their family members can be safe from harm. Immigrants may face persecution for a variety of reasons, and if they are concerned about their safety if they were required to return to their home countries, they may be able to apply for protections that will allow them to continue living in the U.S. and defend against deportation. However, immigrants will need to meet a variety of requirements when applying for asylum. To ensure that they can obtain humanitarian relief, those who are seeking asylum will want to get legal help from a lawyer with experience in this area of immigration law.

John W. Lawit, LLC provides clients with extensive experience and dedicated legal help when addressing issues related to immigration. For over 40 years, we have been helping immigrants obtain humanitarian relief, ensuring that they will be free from persecution as they live together with their family members in the United States. We understand the qualifications that immigrants will need to meet to be recognized as asylees, and we are prepared to address any concerns that may arise during a case and ensure that family members will be protected from deportation.

Affirmative and Defensive Applications for Asylum

Asylum protections are available to those who have a reasonable fear that they will face persecution if they are required to leave the U.S. and return to their country of origin. To qualify, possible persecution must be based on a person's race, nationality, or religion or because of their political opinions or involvement in social groups. Generally, if a person has a credible belief that they will suffer imprisonment, torture, or violence because of these issues, they may be allowed to remain in the U.S. If asylum is granted, a person can apply for a green card and receive authorization to work in the United States.

To obtain asylum, a person must be physically present in the United States, and they may apply for asylum through either an affirmative or defensive process. Affirmative applications for asylum may be filed if immigration officials have not yet initiated deportation proceedings. In general, a person must apply for asylum within one year after entering the U.S., although an application may be filed outside of this one-year window in extraordinary circumstances or if a person can show that changes have occurred that have affected their eligibility for asylum. A person's immigration status and their method of entering the United States will not affect their ability to submit an affirmative application for asylum.

A person may use the defensive asylum application process if they are involved in deportation proceedings. If an immigrant is detained by immigration officials or receives a Notice to Appear (NTA), their case will be heard by an immigration judge. In these cases, an application for asylum will be submitted to the judge, and a hearing will be held to determine whether the person qualifies for protection against deportation. If a judge denies asylum, this decision can be appealed.

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If you are concerned about the safety of yourself and your family if you will be required to return to your home country, our firm can help you apply for asylum. We will make sure you submit the proper forms and provide evidence showing that you need protection to ensure that your family will be free from persecution. To learn how we can help you defend against deportation and continue living in the United States, contact us today at 214-609-2242. We provide legal help with asylum and other forms of humanitarian relief in Carrollton, Addison, Farmers Branch, Irving, Euless, Grand Prairie, Bedford, Dallas County, Coppell, Grapevine, and Arlington.

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