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Understanding the Upcoming Visa Fee Increases: A Guide for Applicants

As of April 1, 2024, individuals applying for visas to enter the United States will encounter increased fees across a broad spectrum of visa categories. This guide aims to outline these changes, providing applicants with essential information on the updated fee structure for both non-immigrant and immigrant visa services, as well as special visa services.

Non-Immigrant Visa Services

Non-immigrant visas cater to individuals intending to enter the United States on a temporary basis. These include tourism, business, study, and work visas, among others. The fee adjustments are as follows:

  • Non-Petition-Based Non-Immigrant Visas (e.g., B, F, M, TN/TD categories) will now require an application processing fee of $185.00.
  • Petition-Based Visas (e.g., H, L, O, P categories) will see an increase to $205.00.
  • E Visas (Treaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty) and K Visas (FiancĂ©(e) or Spouse of U.S. citizen) will be adjusted to $315.00 and $265.00, respectively.
  • Border Crossing Cards fees will also be affected, with adjustments to $185.00 for applicants aged 15 and over and $15.00 for those under age 15.

Immigrant Visa Services

For those coming to the United States permanently, the fee structure is also set to change:

Special Visa Services

Certain specialized services will also see fee adjustments:

  • Application for Waiver of Visa Ineligibility will cost $930.00.
  • Application for Determining Returning Resident Status is set at $180.00, among others.

Strategic Advice for Applicants

  1. Plan Ahead: With the fee increases set for April 1, 2024, applicants should consider submitting their applications well in advance to avoid higher costs.
  2. Review the Specifics: Each visa category has its fee structure; ensure you understand the fees relevant to your specific application.
  3. Prepare for Additional Costs: Aside from the application processing fees, anticipate potential additional costs, such as the visa issuance fee, which varies by nationality and reciprocity agreements.
  4. Seek Exemptions: Certain applicants, such as those participating in U.S. Government-sponsored programs or providing charitable services, may be exempt from some fees. Review eligibility criteria closely.
  5. Stay Informed: Regulations and fees can change. Regularly check official sources for the most current information.

Reach out to our Irving Immigration Attorney

The impending visa fee increases underscore the importance of timely and informed application planning. By understanding the new fee structure and preparing accordingly, applicants can navigate the application process more smoothly, ensuring they meet their travel and immigration goals with minimal financial surprises. If you need a skilled attorney for immigration matters, reach out to John W. Lawit, LLC. Our attorneys have been practicing immigration law since 1980 and have helped tens of thousands of clients. You can call our office at 214-609-2242 or fill out an online contact form.

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