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Immigrants come to the United States in a variety of ways, and there are multiple different types of cases where a person may be accused of violating immigration laws, such as by entering the U.S. illegally or remaining in the country after the expiration of a temporary visa. Officials of agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may detain a person who is undocumented or who is suspected of being in the U.S. without authorization. Being held in ICE custody during deportation proceedings can cause a number of difficulties for an immigrant and their family, especially if they have established ties to their community. Fortunately, a person may be able to be released while their case is pending by securing an immigration bond.

Since immigration cases can be complicated, those who have been detained can protect their rights and determine their options by getting legal help from a lawyer who has experience in these matters. John W. Lawit, LLC provides strong and effective representation for immigrants in these situations, helping them demonstrate that they qualify for immigration bonds and ensuring that they will be able to address any other issues that may play a role in their case. For over 40 years, we have been working with immigrants and their family members to defend against deportation and apply for visas and green cards, and we can provide the assistance you need during and after an immigration bond hearing.

Demonstrating Eligibility for an Immigration Bond

Similar to posting bail in a criminal case, an immigrant who has been detained may be released by paying a bond. In some cases, ICE officials will set the amount of a bond after a person is detained. If ICE does not assign a bond amount, or if an immigrant wishes to ask the amount to be reduced, they may request a bond hearing. This hearing will be held before an immigration judge who will review the case to determine whether it will be appropriate to release the person on bond and the amount that will need to be paid.

In some cases, a person may be subject to mandatory detention, and they will not be able to receive an immigration bond. Mandatory detention will generally apply if a person has been convicted of certain types of crimes, including aggravated felonies, drug charges, or firearms offenses. However, a person may be eligible for an immigration bond if they were convicted of an applicable crime, but they were sentenced to probation or community service rather than being required to serve time in prison.

To determine whether a person can receive an immigration bond, a judge will look at whether they are likely to be a flight risk and whether they are a danger to the public. A person may submit multiple forms of evidence to demonstrate that they have ties to their community and have taken steps to address any potential safety issues, including:

  • Records of employment and income, including pay stubs or tax returns
  • A marriage license showing at the immigrant's spouse is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident
  • Birth certificates for an immigrant's children who are U.S. citizens or green card holders
  • Lease or mortgage documents showing that a person has maintained a residence in the community
  • Court records showing that a person had previously appeared in court when required or met the requirements to be released from custody following a criminal arrest
  • Letters of support from family members, employers, co-workers, friends, or others in the community

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Being released from detention as soon as possible can help an immigrant and their family members avoid disruptions in their lives, maintain employment, and take steps to ensure that they will be able to stay in the United States. Our firm can provide representation in immigration bond hearings, and we can also help pursue appeals of decisions made by an immigration judge. To get legal help with matters related to detention and deportation, Contact us at 214-609-2242. We assist with bond hearings and deportation defense in Coppell, Euless, Farmers Branch, Arlington, Dallas County, Grand Prairie, Addison, Carrollton, Irving, Grapevine, and Bedford.

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